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Business Process Management

Avrt Technologies approach  enables BPM ( Business Process Management ) solutions across the Enterprise and address  all our clients business challenges  through in-depth analysis which interface with consulting, technology and support.

We, the process centric organization  work with our clients  on their end-to-end business functions, viz.

  • cost efficiency, 
  • to provide well disciplined and structured work environment,
  • to enhance  process efficiency, intelligence and overall operational productivity,
  • to achieve our clients business values  and fulfill their customers expectation to compete with market.

Our  business approach is substantially aligned with  Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and scoped for Large Scale Enterprise.  Our process techniques, support our clients businesses to reach greater  heights in addition of  stress free business environment and utmost of their customers satisfaction.

Are you in search of Business Solutions? Reach us to experience our key strengths

  • Business Process Management (BPM)  methodology  - Define processes (workflow)  for start-up businesses
  • Business Process Reengineering
    - Refine existing  business processes
  • Business Process Automation  (BPA) -  Leverage technology to automate business processes
  • Virtual Business Support (VBS) - Avail resource  assistance  for  business process execution 


Workflow Optimisation


We obtain, understand and validate detailed outline of our client’s Business requirements, Functional requirements and Technical requirements to design an optimized workflow management solutions.

Workflow Automation


We transforms our client’s business activities into  a workflow management  systems. We here at to provide simplified workflow integration solution which allows our clients to focus on business rather than on processes. 

Virtual Business Support (VBS)


VBS is rephrase of the BPO concept.  BPO services  intend about the required team size and the project instead VBS primarily care about our client's project which means any small businesses can avail resource support to execute tasks.

Tally Customisation


We are expertise in Tally Customisation with our unique way of solution approach. We adopt Business Process Management methodology to customise the Tally Application.