Workflow Automation


"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."    - Bill Gates 

What We Do....

We transforms our client’s business activities into  a workflow management  systems. We here at to provide simplified workflow integration solution which allows our clients to focus on business rather than on processes. 

 In Detail , we design/re engineering  our clients workflow

  • To cover any area of improvements or gaps in client’s existing business process.
  • To check client's business rules, flexibility are clearly defined and  managed  before execution
  • To Automate client’s  business processes  based on workflow rules where human tasks, data/ files are routed between people / systems  according to  client’s  pre-defined business rules. 

Why We Do….

To  automate our clients  business functions  in  real- time as  follows

  • Automated task  assignments  based on  task sequence of the team
  • Automated workflow prompt and  reroute the task assignments to the team according to the triggered (pre-defined )business rules of the clients  to avoid the delays even  in exceptional scenarios of client’s business workflow 
  • Track the task progress via notifications
  • Pull and push data technology  [ connected environment of data ( ERP/CRM) with process (workflow) ]
  • Automated Internal/External Service Level Agreement (SLA) Alerts and  Key Performance Indicator  (KPI) Reports with respect to resources and business  performance 
  • The  detailed Task Completion Status Report could be generated to analyse various strategies of clients  businesses..

Benefits of workflow automation  over manual processes:

  • Workflow Automation leverage with cost optimization, effectiveness, productivity,  transparency , accountability and error free process in our clients business environment 
  • Wastage of resources  can be monitored, eliminated due to automated Workload Management  system which yield the high retention rate of employees. 
  • The  requests, actions,  approvals and  decisions   are swift in automated workflow environment 
  • The status of each task/project  information  is authenticated based on  real time data  as the workflow management system  is integrated with clients centralized data sources ( ERP/CRM) 

How We Do ...

We integrate Workflow Management  System with  ERP System using Application Programming Interface (API) technology  which adds value across our clients business environment