In day to day business activities, it is fundamental to monitor the data flow which will translate to reports and helpful in deriving the business strategy / decisions and also provides insight on statutory governance.

As most of the businesses make use of Tally application for accounting purpose but beyond to that the application provides lots of features and configurations.

These features are built in a generic manner such that it can be adopted by any business.

However Tally application further extends its platform byway of customisation. It means Tally application is  conveniently customisable based on your business requirements. 

We are expertise in Tally Customisation with our unique way of solution approach. We adopt Business Process Management methodology to customise the Tally Application.

Coming Soon

Document Manager

We build amazing Document Management System where the files can be stored directly into Tally Database (irrespective of file format). The files will get stored as raw file not the file link.


  • User can easily associate any supporting documents to Masters / Vouchers.
  • User can able to access the stored documents even in Tally Remote Login.
  • User no need to depend on file stored in the system as  it is directly get stored in Tally Database itself hence it can be viewed/ download from Tally Database at any time.
  • Performance of tally will not get impacted due to storage of files in Tally Database.

Textual Watermark

PDF Stamp Addon enables textual watermark in invoicing and other voucher entry documents.

It provides the facility to configure the font style, color, position and textual appearance in PDF Document.

Sample Product

With our new innovative technique, Tally Application is customised without configuration of TDL / TCP file.

Our sample product

  • Mapping Stock Item Image in Item Master.
  • Backup during Company Load.
  • Navigating the Voucher using Table approach.
  • Party Details.